Whether you are brand new to the church thing or you’ve been around church your whole life, we want to say welcome to the Sanctuary of Jacksonville!  Our goal is to create environments and experiences where you can encounter God in the midst of your life.  When you come to a service, our aim is that you will feel inspired by the music, encouraged and blessed by the message, and welcomed by our amazing community of people.

 Mission and Vision

The mission of The Sanctuary of Jacksonville is to love God, to love others, and to magnify the name of Jesus Christ. The vision of our church is to reach people far from God and anchor them into a life with Jesus.

Pastor Jonathan Cook

Growing up as a pastor’s son, Jonathan Cook followed in his father’s footsteps and became a Pastor himself, serving where needed.  In 2004, Pastor Jon and his wife, Tiffany, founded The Sanctuary of Jacksonville on a leap of faith in a small store front.  Now with over two decades of preaching and leading people to Jesus, in 2016, Pastor Jon founded the fully accredited Anchor Bible College proudly teaching the Word of God and training men and woman for ministry.
The late Bishop J.L. Cook, Pastor’s Jon’s father, founded the North Carolina College of Theology where Pastor Jon received his PH. D in Theology.  You will always leave one of his services feeling encouraged, blessed, and closer to God as he preaches doctrine in a straight forward manner.