Why The Anchor?

Why The Anchor?


We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.

Hebrews 6:19

 Recently I felt the need to re-brand our church. I wanted to re-brand our logo, the décor in the church, but most importantly our approach to ministry. I wanted a term or symbol that we could use that would help others identify with our mission and purpose as a church. I sought God for many weeks about this and every time that I would pray I pictured an anchor. After a few weeks I began to realize that God was leading us into this direction. My wife and I began to feel at peace that this was the direction the Lord was leading The Sanctuary into.

 I began to study and research anchors. I learned that the anchor was a major Christian symbol in the early church. First century Christians identified with the anchor as much as any other Christianity symbol. While first century Christians were persecuted for their faith the anchor was a symbol that they would see that would bring hope. It reminded them that Jesus was their anchor.

 I also learned that early Christian tombstones were marked with an anchor. It would allow others to be aware that a Christian was buried in that plot. Then in modern Christianity the anchor symbolizes hope. It is a symbol that reminds us that Jesus is our stability, confidence, and our certainty. While life may be unstable at times, Jesus is our stability in rough waters.

 I knew with certainty after studying on the anchor and after seeking the Lord on behalf of the church that He was moving us into this path. It is my prayer and hope that you would become anchored in Jesus and that you will remain anchored in Him.

 As a church our mission is to help anchor others into this incredible journey with Christ. Our faith is anchored in Him. I am so excited about our future at The Sanctuary. Join us for a service real soon and let’s get and remain anchored in Jesus.

 In His Favor,
Pastor Jon Cook